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Some of the apps might be different, but if your prospective virtual bookkeeping service can cover these five bases, then there is a good chance you’re covered. For businesses on a growth track, the cost of not outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting can be detrimental to the business. This happens when performing the functions in-house interferes with essential business growth activities. Every hour you spend on bookkeeping or accounting is one less hour spent marketing your business, building client relationships, and other business development activities.

Although it is powerful and effective, it doesn’t sync with industry standards such as QuickBooks or Xero. The other downside is that its services don’t include bill pay, sending invoices, or writing checks. Once your account is set up, you have secure access to your assigned accountant via messaging, phone, email, or chat. You also can add bookkeeping, priority support, and financial reports with the Enterprise plan for $375. “I’ve found working remotely emphasizes more respect for people’s time and, without the functional side of communication, it’s really hard to replicate and delegate processes as you grow,” Davis added.


Beyond general journal and ledger bookkeeping, an accounting firm also can perform account reconciliation, payroll processing, cash flow management, monthly statement preparation, and tax services. It also can provide additional layers of accounting functions to accommodate a growing business’s expanding needs. Online accounting services can easily scale to meet the needs of your business. A virtual accountant can quickly adjust to an increase in work volume, like increased transactions or complexity.

Additionally, real-time data updates and dynamic visualizations provided by these tools allow for immediate insights into key metrics, helping decision-makers make informed choices promptly. Are you going back and forth with a prospective bookkeeper trying to nail down a time to talk, or do they use a scheduling app? If they’re not efficient about this stage of doing business, this may be a sign that they won’t be efficient once you are a client. This way you don’t have to rely on the claims they make about what they can do for you. If they are offering advice that others find useful, then you will be able to see that rather than simply taking their word for it. If your prospective virtual bookkeeping service understands the value of adding to the conversation, then it is a good sign that they will be genuinely helpful to your business.

The 5 Best Online Accounting Firms for Small Business

Your financial data is securely stored in data centers, which are protected from any natural disasters such as fire or floods. Your virtual accountant is accessible via a phone or zoom call whenever you need them. Technology has made virtual accountants easily accessible, without them having to present on site at your business. Martin loves entrepreneurship and has helped dozens of entrepreneurs by validating the business idea, finding scalable customer acquisition channels, and building a data-driven organization. During his time working in investment banking, tech startups, and industry-leading companies he gained extensive knowledge in using different software tools to optimize business processes. The accounting service that you will choose will handle sensitive financial information about your business which is always at a risk of a data breach.

virtual accounting firms

It also saves you the time that you would have wasted in correcting errors made by accountants. Outsourced virtual accounting services solve this by deploying the most recent technology and integrations. Just like their accountants, the technology they use ultimately determines how they will perform so virtual accounting services make sure they do not skimp out on them. KPMG Spark simplifies your accounting and tax-keeping processes with their managed accounting services.

In the end, your virtual bookkeeper should be a partner that can help grow your business affordably. Keep that in mind as you search for the right virtual bookkeeper for your small business. See our overall favorites, or choose a specific type of software to find the best options for you.

What’s a virtual accounting firm and how does it work?

It’ll also help your clients know what to do on the client portal, which saves them time. Either way, this boosts your ability to deliver satisfactory work why petty cash is important to small businesses to your clients. In both cases, using work and client management software will help your team and clients to cut out manual tasks to focus on what matters.

Many of Paro’s freelancers have worked at highly respected companies such as Deloitte, Ernst and Young, KPMG, and the IRS. Also, 1-800Accountant offers every business a free tax savings consultation with an expert. Better yet, 1-800Accountant guarantees its customers maximum tax savings by finding every deduction. LiveCA started using Zoom in 2015, and the cameras have always been on, Davis said. But building relationships virtually differs from doing so face to face.

How much does outsourced accounting cost?

For additional fees, inDinero offers tax support for filing state and federal taxes for current or previous years. You also can add a fractional CFO to help with financial projections, cash management, business analytics, and budgeting. Plus, if you’ve been neglecting your books, inDinero offers catch-up bookkeeping. These are just a few of the HR functions accounting firms must provide to stay competitive in the talent game. Unlike most other outsourced bookkeepers on our list, Merritt Bookkeeping doesn’t offer any in-house add-ons for payroll and tax services. If you were hoping for a one-stop shop that can tackle all of your financial needs, Merritt might not be the right choice for you.

Compare the top outsourced accounting service features

When you sign up for their service, you will be assigned a team of three bookkeepers including a senior bookkeeper. You do not have to worry about payroll if you are using All you have to do is provide some basic information about your employees and does the rest. It takes into account all the laws applicable and manages your payroll for your business. If you typically manage your law firm’s administrative tasks, delegating that work to another individual may be a challenge.

If you’ve done your own search for accounting firms, you know there are dozens from which to choose. So, narrowing your choices to the ones that best suit your needs can be daunting. With this review, we did most of the leg work to narrow the list from 20 of the top online accounting firms to five of the best in various categories.

How to find a virtual bookkeeper

Merritt Bookkeeping automates some of the most time-consuming bookkeeping tasks — for instance, reconciling accounts, balancing books, and updating financial reports — so you can focus on running your business. It also starts at $190 a month, which is less than nearly every other provider on our list. We are virtual CPAs offering outsourced CFO and Controller services for service-based businesses.

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